Definition of Terms

Bio-mechanical Lesion: Injury to the body (internal or external) by a mechanical action such as lifting or repeatitious movements.

Intradiscal Fluid: Fluid in the spinal disc. Keeps the Nucleus Pulposus in a jelly-like state. Contains oxygen, nutrients etc.

Mechanoreceptor Fibers: Nerve fibers that react to stretching and movement.

Annular Fibers: Fibers that make up the outside retaining structure of the disc. These keep the nucleus pulposus in place.

Nucleus Pulposus: The jelly-like filling within the disc that gives it its shock absorbing quality. It is kept in place by the Annular Fibers. The Intradiscal Fluid keeps the Nucleus Pulposus from drying out.

Myospasm: Muscle Spasm - Sudden, abnormal involuntary muscular contraction.

Osseous: Consisting of bone. Biological

Harmonic Resonance: A vibrating frequency whereby a living cell becomes most effective at uptaking nutrients, evacuates toxins and produces energy at its maximum efficiency. All matter vibrates at certain frequencies.

Proprioceptor: A nerve fiber that senses stretch and movement.

Nociceptor: A nerve fiber that senses stress or damage and causes the sensation of pain.

Inhibitory Interneurons: Cells that inhibit the transmission of nerve impulses.

Lordotic Curvature: Normal forward bending curvature of the cervical and lumbar spine

Articular facets: Joints on the vertebrae that limit motion.

Zygapophyseal Joints: Joints on the vertebrae the contain nerve fibers.

Fibroblasts: Cells that produce a material called fibrin that repairs and heals cells.

Accupressure Meridians: Channels of energy along the acupuncture points.

Bio-feedback Pulse: Nerve impulses emitted in response to returning impulses in a bio-feedback system. In a bio-feedback system, part of an originating pulse is returned to initiate a response, that response is a Bio-feedback Pulse.

Myofascitis: Inflammation of the Muscle.

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