N.D.R. - Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation...

N.D.R. is the new acronym for the new millennium. It says what it does. N.D.R. is a non-invasive, non-surgical, non-drug treatment for one of humanity's oldest and most persistent pain producing conditions.

The spinal disc has been identified as the culprit for most back and neck pain producing conditions. A bio-mechanical lesion may be the beginning of ongoing pain syndromes but the disc and associated structures are the major cause of pain and neurological malfunction according to the latest and most reliable scientific research.

Disc deterioration most commonly begins with a bio-mechanical lesion as a result of a traumatic event or from repetitive trauma. Whatever the cause, whether by a lifting incident, lifting at a wrong angle, auto accident, repetitive trauma such as sitting in front of a computer or assembly line hour after hour or from daily activities of living and aging, disc deterioration is a proven and documented outcome.

Following the initiation of the bio-mechanical lesion the intradiscal fluid exchange ratio is disrupted. The intradiscal fluid exchange ratio is the amount of fluids evacuated from the disc during load bearing activities in relation to the amount of fluids absorbed by the disc during non-load bearing activities.

Anytime intradiscal pressure is elevated inflow of nutrients and oxygen stops and disc deterioration begins.

A bio-mechanical lesion also causes the activation of the mechanoreceptor fibers resulting in muscular reaction and contraction.

Prolonged muscular contraction or spasm results in increased intradiscal pressures even when the patient is non-load bearing. This accelerates and compounds the intradiscal fluid exchange problem.

A degenerative, desiccation or drying out process is initiated inside the intervertebral disc. Disc spacing begins decreasing which allows the angular criss-cross pattern of the disc annular fibers to increase which causes tear sites to form. These tear sites allow migration of the nucleus pulposus outward resulting in disc bulge and herniation.

This deteriorative process is simultaneously occurring on and around the outside of the disc as well.

This inflammatory reaction is in itself pain producing as well as hypersensitizing to both motor and sensory nerve fibers. Toxins, especially neurotoxins form. This results in increased pain and increased myospasm which evolve to an ever increasing and ongoing pain syndrome.

Relieving pain with medication and anti-inflammatories gives temporary relief at best. . . but can result in serious side effects.

Physical therapy, acupuncture and spinal manipulation can also temporarily relieve pain, but until the primary element of the pain production is addressed, recurring episodes with ever increasing pain intensity will follow.

International Therapeutic Machines (I.T.M.) has developed a treatment system that provides Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation (N.D.R.). The therapeutic device that provides N.D.R. is called Vivatek. The Vivatek has the ability of providing many types of therapy in constantly changing quantities simultaneously. This form of treatment is made possible only through computer technology and bio-robotics. 

The patient lies supine on the Vivatek. The Synatron (one of the bio-robotic appendages of the Vivatek) rises from the interior contacting the affected spinal segments.

A type of intra-segmental traction called Non-linear Disc-Traction is applied. This patented procedure separates the vertebral segments in a smooth arch which normalizes the lordotic curvature, aligns the articular facets, relieves pressure on zygapophyseal joints and other crucial structures. This also reduces lateral spinal curvature. Non-linear Disc-Traction allows maximum separation of the intervertebral segments resulting in a vacuum or negative pressure gradient inside the disc. Maximum separation is obtained by neutralizing the proprioceptor fibers. Myospasm is reduced and resistance to segment separation is eliminated.

While the patient is being treated the Vivatek Education Video Monitor delivers a health care class explaining the importance of keeping future appointments and referring new patients.

Vivatek accomplishes many things simultaneously which results in a synergistic effect.

Now, for the first time, Vivatek has achieved the multi-tasking technology made possible only through computer technology to achieve the simultaneous and integrated resolution of the complete pain syndrome.-- no drugs, no surgery and no more pain.

For additional information call toll free: 877- VIVATEK (877-848-2835)

Give us a call to see if an on-site demonstration by the ITM Mobile Treatment Center is available in your area. We bring our office to your office so you and your staff can conveniently experience the Vivatek Treatment System firsthand. Make an appointment with an ITM area representative today. Call Toll Free 1-888-786-2244.

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