ITM Mission Statement:

The Vivatek Treatment System is a Drug-Free, Non-Surgical form of treatment which stops pain, stops progressive and catastrophic deterioration and increases the quality of life. This is not just a product but a noble crusade to change lives. A form of health care treatment that can and will change the lives of the millions it will touch and influence. Our goal is to treat and change the lives of millions and millions of people. At ITM the future is now, the future is ITM.

History of Development for the Vivatek Treatment System and N.D.R.
Disc injury, back and neck pain, Degenerative Disc Disease and all other related neurological, musculoskeletal and physical disorders have plagued mankind from the beginning of time. The dangers of surgery coupled with the extremely low success rate of spinal surgery motivated ITM to develop a non-surgical approach to one of mankind's oldest problems.

Serious research into the feasibility of a highly effective non-invasive, non-drug therapy began in 1978. A team of researchers, doctors, engineers and scientists were assembled. A design concept was developed and prototype fabrication initiated. The original Vivatek design was accomplished by Ford Aerospace on the largest and most sophisticated CAD/CAM system of that time. Prototype development was contracted to Energy West who, at that time, was also building prototypes for Apple Computer. Only the brightest engineers, doctors, scientists and the most capable companies were contracted to participate.

The first working prototype developed for clinical trials was a sophisticated (for its era) machine utilizing Z-80 computer technology. The Prescription Treatment Card used to program the therapeutic application for each patient was the size of a credit card with holes punched at strategic locations. The Prescription Treatment Card was placed into the card reader where an optic scanner "read" the punched hole card. This programmed the Z-80 computer for therapeutic application for that particular patient. With very limited computer capabilities by today's standards, this system entered clinical trials in the early 1980's. It was recognized very early in clinical testing that computer capabilities were lagging behind therapeutic demands and needs of multi-therapy applications to achieve synergistic results. Constant computer capability enhancements were initiated and positive clinical trial results increased in proportion directly related to computer technology advancements.

In 1986, Vivatek's technology was introduced at the Olympics in Seoul, Korea. The acceptance and results were phenomenal. Tagu University, one of the largest universities in the world, began conducting extensive clinical trials during the Olympics. World renowned athletes treated by Vivatek reported quick and complete pain resolution from injuries. They also experienced increased physical coordination, stamina and performance following their treatment. Research continued at a feverish pace. Clinical trials surpassed 25,000 patients per year for the next several years. Clinical data was so successful that ITM applied for and received a U.S. patent to protect Vivatek's technology.

The 1990's brought enhanced computer capabilities at a reduced cost. The reduced costs of computer technology made it possible for ITM to economically produce the Vivatek Treatment System to be utilized by individual physicians in office settings. FDA application was submitted and the long and torturous course of FDA requirements pursued. FDA clearance for Vivatek was finally obtained as well as the stringent international approval, CISPR-22.

And now, for the first time, computer technology has allowed ITM to blend the best healing technology, the best engineering technology, and the best computer and information processing technology together into a completed Vivatek Treatment System. The blending and combining of these different forms of technology has resulted in a form of treatment.

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