Let Vivatek increase the Size & Income of Your Practice

Delivering all these wonderful types of treatments to the patient is terrific and satisfying for the doctor and staff, but how do you get paid for it? The Vivatek delivers several standard and insurance-billable physical therapy procedures. Vivatek treatments are billed in addition to a doctor's normal charge for treatment, examination or other services provided.

Most doctors' incomes are derived from providing examinations. Once the diagnosis is made a prescription is recommended. If that prescription is a drug, the doctor's revenue stops with his signature on the prescription pad. The Vivatek Treatment System is a vital method of continuing a doctor's income. It gives the doctor an opportunity to move his or her revenues beyond providing only examinations and diagnosis. Vivatek treats conditions that previously required the doctor's referral. The Vivatek Treatment System was also designed to require very little office space (4' x 7'). All offices have sufficient floor space for installation.

The most beneficial part of the Vivatek Treatment System is that you can put it to work in your office, reap the revenues and benefits, and not add a single staff person! Thanks to Vivatek's Automation, the patient is assured precise treatment for their condition without the assistance of a staff member.

If you already have a therapy department, Vivatek will replace your slow, labor intensive therapies and lower your overhead while increasing your patient capacity. Less staff means less stress. More patients mean increased income. Less overhead and higher income means greater profit and return.

Vivatek costs less than your lowest paid employee yet delivers an income second only to the doctor. For most simple conditions, a prescription of 10 to 12 Vivatek treatments is recommended. For more serious conditions a prescription of 12 to 24 or more Vivatek treatments is indicated. Not including the normal charge for examination and diagnosis, Vivatek earns the doctor additional income per patient.

How to become an Authorized ITM Treatment Center
Getting started usually requires only a small investment. For your convenience the leasing process is very simple, requiring only a signature. With a deposit of apprximately $1500.00, the Vivatek Treatment System is installed in your office. After the initial deposit, the lease payment runs approximately $150.00 per week. This is the equivalent cost of a $3.75 per hour employee. Vivatek costs less than your lowest paid employee yet delivers an income second only to the doctor. The Vivatek Treatment System must never be considered an expense, but rather the most efficient and highest revenue source in your office. Vivatek Technology will reduce your stress and increase your profit and income while creating happier, healthier patients.

With Vivatek, your practice will grow rapidly due to numerous new patient referrals and improved patient retention. Vivatek makes you unique in your area and the envy of your competition. You will be recognized as the best of the best and the doctor most respected and in highest demand by both your patients and your peers.

Put the Vivatek Treatment System to work in your clinic!

  • Treats conditions untreatable by other means
  • Vivatek makes the doctor unique and in high demand
  • Attracts patients that would otherwise seek care from another specialist or go untreated
  • Educates the patient providing a new patient referral source
  • Provides a new revenue source without adding staff or increasing overhead
  • Increases the size and income of your practice
  • Increases new patients
  • Increases patient retention
  • Vivatek delivers a prescribed therapy with repeatable, predictable outcomes and insurance billable procedures

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