ITM Provides the Advertising for Your Success

If a doctor wants to increase his annual income, he needs to see more patients and provide new services. ITM has an advertising and marketing plan to help in this endeavor. At ITM, all new patient referral resources are prepared by media professionals to insure that they are powerful, professional and effective. No single doctor could ever hope to have the quality and type of material that ITM provides now and in the future. ITM wants to bring each doctor more new patients than he can handle, allowing him to be selective in the patients he accepts. We make sure that authorized ITM doctors are set apart and above the rest, with a security that their services will always be in great demand. It is every doctor's advertising and marketing dream come true!

Patient Referral Hotline 1-888-786-2244
To take full advantage of ITM's national and regional advertising, a New Patient Referral Hot Line was established. Any time new patients, attorneys, insurance companies, workers comp carriers, new patients moving to a new area, or anyone else calls the toll free ITM number, that person is given the name and number of the ITM Treatment Center nearest the caller

Vivatek Integrated Education System
.(2.6mb - Worth the wait!)
Education is one of the most important and valuable aspects of new patient referrals. During each treatment, patients view Vivatek's integrated education System that educates them about their treatment and other conditions the doctor treats. These custom videos are viewed during treatment and serve as a means of advertising, educating and expanding a doctor's practice. Each patient is turned into a walking, talking referral source. (These videos are provided in English and Spanish.)

Internet Promotion

ITM is listed on the Internet in key locations. All web surfers with back pain, headache, sprain/strain injuries, whiplash injury, lifting injury, disc involvement, radicular syndromes, workers comp injury, auto injury, repetitive trauma and all other conditions treated by the Vivatek Treatment System are directed to the Authorized ITM Treatment Center Doctor nearest them. You can find ITM's web site at www.vivatek.com.


Make an appointment with an ITM area representative today. Call Toll Free 1-877-848-2835.


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