Whats Vivatek

The Vivatek Treatment System by ITM is the world's first and only computer-controlled, patient-interactive, physical medicine system. It provides a unique, high-tech form of treatment termed Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation (N.D.R.). This new form of treatment is the product of the information age and is made possible only with today's hybrid computer systems. N.D.R. is the preferred treatment for anyone experiencing neck pain, headache, back pain, a lifting injury, repetitive trauma, whiplash, radicular pain, myofascitis and many other neuro-musculoskeletal conditions including various types of disc degeneration and herniation.

X-ray was developed in 1895, and vitamins were developed in the early 1900s. Next came the development of penicillin and antibiotics. As technology has progressed the development of CAT Scan, MRI, laser surgery, fiberoptics and microdiscectomy have all been achieved. And now, experience the safest and most significant development of all - Vivatek. Vivatek has been called the most significant advancement since the beginning of time. For the first time, since the beginning of time, mankind has achieved the technology needed to make this new treatment possible. Science and computer technology has advanced the art and science of healing to a new and higher plane.

As its name implies, N.D.R. is completely non-invasive - no surgery, drugs, needles or side effects. Vivatek's treatments are gentle, painless and by their very nature are the safest of all procedures. Patients look forward to each soothing, satisfying and highly therapeutic treatment - some actually fall asleep during N.D.R.!

Vivatek's Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation is not an elite treatment just for the wealthy. Physicians, attorneys, insurance carriers and workers comp carriers recognize the predictable, high quality treatment this new system provides. They all refer patients without hesitation or reservation due to Vivatek's sterling reputation and proven clinical results. Insurance companies, especially auto accident insurance, enthusiastically pay up to 100% for Vivatek's treatment.

The Vivatek Treatment System is the product of years of extensive research, development and clinical testing. In addition to having FDA clearance, Vivatek was also awarded Class A International approval with the latest and most stringent CISPR-22 code.

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